Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Facing Ethics Investigation

Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Facing Ethics Investigation

Stephen Crosby is facing an ethics investigation over their actions during the approval for the Wynn Resorts casino in Everett.

The Massachusetts casino licensing process is fraught with legal actions, accusations and campaigns for and against every proposed project, making it one of the most gaming that is contentious seen anywhere in the United States.

The controversies over allowing gambling enterprises in the state have seemed to come at every level, and even hawaii’s gaming commission is not immune from questions about the process.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby is under investigation by the State Ethics Commission over allegations he could have had a conflict of interest when reviewing the Wynn Resorts proposal to construct a resort in Everett.

The issue is that the Everett resort had been built on land that was owned by an old friend of crosby’s, Paul Lohnes.

Sworn Statement Prompted Investigation

Apparently, the ethics commission established the inquiry after finding a sworn statement suggesting that Crosby ‘actively participated’ into the state gaming commission’s work with evaluating the Everett bid even after he previously officially recused himself from being an integral part of the process to award the better Boston casino permit.

‘Crosby actively participated in the commission’s activities related to the prize after claiming to have recused himself,’ the statement rea (más…)

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